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20 March 2017

3 Recipes Beyond the Risotto Bowl

Principato di Lucedio rice—beloved by chefs and home cooks alike—is the "grand cru" of Italian rice. The high starch content of these superfino and semifino grains make them our go-to c...
05 March 2017

2016 Harvest CA Extra Virgin Olive Oils Are Here

Calling all olive oil lovers—the 2016 harvest extra virgin olive oils from California are rolling in (and what a year!). Celebrate the current harvest with longtime best sellers like Sé...
02 March 2017

Paris Breakfast: Our Featured Mariage Frères Tea

Next week, our buyers are off to Paris in search of new epicurean delights. They'll be eating their way through the city—but bien sûr!—no trip to Paris would be complete without a...
23 February 2017

Agrumato Citrus Olive Oils: Fresh-Picked, Citrus Flavor

In Lanciano, on the Adriatic Coast of Abruzzo, Agrumato Citrus Olive Oils from Esperidia ("agrume" meaning citrus in Italian) are traditionally made at the end of the olive harvest. Whole le...
09 February 2017

Our Hot Pick: Piment d'Espelette Pepper Jelly

Piment d’Espelette Pepper Jelly from La Maison du Piment—made with ripe, freshly-harvested Basque Espelette peppers—is inspired by producer Vincent Darritchon's mother Marie-Jeanne's recipe. Her p...
05 February 2017

7 Mustard-Eat Ways to Use Yandilla Mustard Seed Oil

Yandilla Mustard Seed Oil—coveted by chefs for its food-friendly heat and high smoke point—captures the true essence of the mustard seed with its clean, bright wasabi-like flavor and fr...
27 January 2017

Say Hello to Our In-House Recipe Writer

There's excitement in the air whenever Asha is cooking—it means something new and delicious is about to hit our plates (and our palates). Asha Loupy, Market Hall Foods online sales extraordin...
26 January 2017

Instant Magic: 5 Ways to Use Espresso Powder

Ever wonder what makes your favorite chocolate dessert taste extra chocolatey? Chances are it's a magical ingredient long-coveted by professional bakers: Medaglia d'Oro Instant Espresso Powder. Th...
15 January 2017

Hey, What Exactly is Buckwheat?

Buckwheat—rustic, robust, earthy and healthful to boot—wows us every time we eat it. But what exactly is it (hint: it's not really a grain)? Here are some tasty facts about this delecta...
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