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3 Recipes Beyond the Risotto Bowl

20 March 2017

carnaroli cacio e pepe with textPrincipato di Lucedio rice—beloved by chefs and home cooks alike—is the "grand cru" of Italian rice. The high starch content of these superfino and semifino grains make them our go-to choice for a creamy, dreamy bowlful of risotto.

But why stop there? These estate-grown rices—prized for their sweet, delicate flavor and toothsome al dente texture—lend themselves to a variety of dishes. We recently challenged ourselves in the kitchen to take these classic Italian rice varietals beyond the risotto bowl—and the results were delicious: a crispy, cheesy rice cake (pictured above), an easy rice salad and a quick yet comforting seafood brodetto.

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lucedio carnaroli 1kTaste the Freshness

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Rice is best when fresh—and you can't get any fresher than rice from Principato di Lucedio, renowned Italian rice producer with a history dating back to the 12th century.

All of their rice is harvest-dated, and kept protected in the hull until packed and shipped for maximum freshness, moisture content and flavor. This is as close to the rice fields as you can get.

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