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3 Steps to Iced Tea Perfection (No Kettle Required)

26 June 2017

cold brew iced teaSummer is here and high temperatures are already brewing around the country. Beat the heat with a cool, refreshing glass of Mariage Frères iced tea. Achieve iced tea perfection every time using the cold brew method (oui, cold brewing isn't just for coffee!).

The cold brew technique—steeping tea in cool water for a longer period of time rather than with boiling water for a few minutes—results in a nuanced glass of iced tea that is delicate yet thirst-quenching and never tannic. Plus it's easy to make big batches for those long summer days.

3 Steps to Cold Brew Iced Tea

mariage freres eros black tea tin1. Pick your tea.

Since the cold brewing method results in a smoother, more aromatic tea, we are partial to floral or fruit-forward teas like Vert Provence, Marco Polo and Eros.

2. Time to cold brew.

Mix the loose tea leaves with filtered water (about one heaping tablespoon of tea for every quart of water) and refrigerate for at least 6 hours to overnight.

3. Enjoy and escape to the City of Lights.

Strain the tea through a fine mesh strainer and serve chilled or pour over ice. Find a patch of shade and sip until desired cooling effect/Paris daydream is achieved.

Note: You can save the tea leaves and use them for a second batch of cold brew (it will be a lighter in flavor but just as satisfying).


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