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Agrumato® Citrus Olive Oils: Fresh-Picked, Citrus Flavor

23 February 2017

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In Lanciano, on the Adriatic Coast of Abruzzo, Agrumato® Citrus Olive Oils from Esperidia ("agrume" meaning citrus in Italian) are traditionally made at the end of the olive harvest. Whole lemons and tangerines are pressed with the olives (no artificial flavorings here)—infusing the fruit's essential oils—for a zesty, vivacious condiment that captures the true essence of peak-season citrus.

These precious oils—usually reserved for friends and family of the farmers and millers—add a burst of Italian sunshine straight out of the bottle. Drizzle over poached fish, toss simply with winter lettuces or even use as a finishing flourish to vanilla gelato or citrus sorbetto. Add even more zip, zing & zest with our 6 favorite ways to use Agrumato® citrus olive oils (listed below).


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Zip, Zing, Zest

6 Ways to Use with Agrumato® Citrus Olive Oils

lemon pepper tuna cakes 2 500x5001. Mix Agrumato® Lemon Olive Oil with chopped fresh herbs (like parsley, basil and mint) for an easy sauce that you'll want to put on everything—roasted chicken, grilled fish, roasted vegetables . . . the possibilities are endless.

2. Dress winter chicories and fresh citrus segments with Agrumato® Tangerine Olive Oil for an effortless yet elegant salad. 

3. Pair Agrumato® Lemon Olive Oil with fresh cheeses like burrata, ricotta and fresh chèvre (marinated goat cheese, anyone?).

4.  Whip up a batch of Lemon Pepper Tuna Cakes made with Agrumato® Lemon Olive Oil. Serve alongside lightly dressed greens for a light yet satisfying meal. 

5. Toss egg fettuccine with cooked shrimp Agrumato® Lemon Olive Oil and chopped parsley for an easy weeknight meal.

6. Drizzle slices of roasted beets with Agrumato® Tangerine Olive Oil, and garnish with crumbled feta cheese and chopped Sicilian pistachios.