Pumpkin Torchio Pasta with Mushroom Ragù

This rustic dish—inspired by our resident recipe writer Asha's recent trip to Italy—pairs rich, nutty Pumpkin Torchio pasta (made with 30% pumpkin purée) with an earthy ragù of wild mushrooms flavored with woodsy herbs like sage and thyme. The ragù gets a triple dose of umami from slow-cooked soffritto (onions, carrots and celery simmered in olive oil until caramelized), dried porcini mushroom...

Senatore Cappelli Spaghetti with Caramelized Lemons, Artichokes & Mint

Looking for a quick straight-from-the-pantry dinner with a wow factor? This vibrant pasta dish comes together in under a half hour, is bursting with zippy lemony goodness (hello, caramelized lemons!) and is oh so satisfying. Keep a couple bags of Rustichella d'Abruzzo pasta on hand, plus Masseria Mirogallo artichokes and IASA hot peppers, and you'll be ready to entertain with ease any night of ...

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