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How To: Rehydrate Dried Mushrooms

13 January 2023

It doesn't take much to bring dried mushrooms back to life, and after reconstituting, you'll be rewarded with a double dose of deliciousness: the mushrooms themselves, rich with savory, meaty flavor, plus the soaking liquid, which adds a boost of mushroom essence to stews, stocks and sauces.

Here are the 5 simple steps to rehydrate mushrooms for cooking:

1. Give the mushrooms a quick rinse to remove any sand, dirt or grit from their surface.

2. Cover the cleaned mushrooms in warm water, or for an extra dose of flavor, soak them in wine or stock. Just be sure to add enough liquid to fully cover the mushrooms.

3. Steep in liquid for about 15 minutes until the mushrooms are plump, soft and pliable.

4. Remove the mushrooms from the water and use in your recipe.

5. Run the steeping liquid through a coffee filter or fine sieve, to catch any last bits of debris. Now, you're ready to use the liquid, too!