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7 Mustard-Eat Ways to Use Yandilla Mustard Seed Oil

05 February 2017

yandilla mustard seed oil croppedYandilla Mustard Seed Oil—coveted by chefs for its food-friendly heat and high smoke point—captures the true essence of the mustard seed with its clean, bright wasabi-like flavor and fresh horseradish-type heat.

We love experimenting with this robust yet versatile oil in the kitchen (hello, homemade mustard seed mayonnaise!)—swirl it into hearty winter soups, create bold vegetable sautés and stir-fries or try our recipe for Mustardy Miso Dressing (pictured below).

Ready to turn up the flavor? Keep reading for our 7 favorite mustard-eat ways to use Yandilla Mustard Seed Oil.

It's the One

This small-batch, cold-pressed, Australian oil—with its extremely low erucic acid levels and ideal balance of OMEGA-3 to OMEGA-6—is the only U.S. FDA-approved food grade mustard seed oil in the United States.

How can it be the only one? Read the Yandilla story about how this family developed their own proprietary mustard seed.


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7 Ways to Turn Up the Flavor

1. Whip up our Mustardy Miso Dressing (pictured right)—toss it with fresh pea shoots and spring greens, drizzle it over roasted asparagus or use it as a dipping sauce for grilled shrimp.

2. Swirl into hearty soups like curried lentil, roasted butternut squash or creamy carrot soup.

3. Drizzle over flatbread and garnish with a sprinkling of dukkah.

4. Use to sear sesame-encrusted ahi tuna steaks.

5. Use as the sauté oil for your favorite Indian recipes.

6. Make spicy roasted cauliflower—toss cauliflower florets with Yandilla Mustard Seed Oil, spoonful of Vadouvan Curry Powder and salt to taste. Spread on a baking sheet and roast at 450°F for 25 – 30 minutes, stirring and turning occasionally, until tender and golden brown.

7. Make a homemade mayonnaise—spread it on fried fish sandwiches, use it to make a bold potato salad or coleslaw, or try it as a dipping sauce for oven-roasted French fries.