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The Prize of Venice

14 October 2018

valier green walnut syrupNocinoa beloved Italian liqueur made from walnuts, sugar and spices—is often found on tables in the Veneto region as a digestif or after-dinner drink. Inspired by this treasured libation, the Valier family created a syrup with the same flavors but without the alcohol.

To produce Valier Green Walnut Syrup (Sciroppo di Noci Verdi), estate-grown young walnuts (harvested before their harder outer shell develops, pictured below) are macerated over a low fire with sugar and vanilla bean for two weeks. The resulting syrup is deep and rich with a distinctive nuttiness, subtle notes of warm spices and a thick, velvety consistency akin to aged balsamico.

This versatile elixir is perfection drizzled over desserts like panna cotta and rice pudding, and is equally beautiful in savory preparations (think: holiday cheese plates).

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valier green walnut syrup pouring4 Seasonal Ways to Pour Green Walnut Syrup

1. Top vanilla gelato with roasted fig halves and drizzle with green walnut syrup.

2. Use to finish meats like pan-roasted duck breast, grilled quail or rack of lamb.

3. Top crostini with Gorgonzola Dolcelatte and garnish with green walnut syrup and toasted chopped walnuts.

4. Raise a toast: Mix a teaspoon or two into glasses of Prosecco.

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