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How to Buy the Best Extra Virgin Olive Oil

05 January 2017

In this month's Sunset Magazine, Linda Sikorski—one of our senior buyers and extra virgin olive oil pro—shared her tips and tricks for finding the right extra virgin olive oil for every taste, dish and occasion. Now she's sharing them with us!

corto evoo 750mlWhat's in a label?

A great way to make sure you're buying the best-quality and tastiest extra virgin olive oil is to read the label. Look for detailed information like the harvest date, olive varietal and where the olive oil was milled.

What are you cooking?

Do you need an all-purpose olive oil for everyday cooking? Try milder, buttery extra virgin olive oils like Corto Olive Co. and Séka Hills for all your sautéing, baking and vinaigrette needs.

Or maybe you're looking for something to finish that special dish? Let the olive oil shine by picking a bolder, more complex oil like Sicilian Titone Olio Nuovo and Tondo DOP or Tuscan favorite Frescobaldi Laudemio.

Make sure it's the real deal.

We're serious about seriously good olive oil. We carry only the finest extra virgin olive oils from producers we know personally, and we offer only current-harvest oils to ensure your extra virgin olive oil is truly extra virgin. Read more about how we buy olive oil.


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