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Do you Dukkah? 7 Ways to Use this Rockin’ Spice Mix.

12 August 2016

dukkah from kl kellerDukkaha traditional Egyptian spice mix made with toasted nuts, sesame seeds and a mixture of spices—will have you hooked upon first bite.

For her addictive version, our friend Kitty Keller of KL Keller Foodways blends rich buttery almonds, hazelnuts and toasted sesame seeds with smoky cumin, coriander and a touch of sea salt. Looking for a little more spice to your spice? Kitty’s Spicy Dukkah turns up the heat with the addition of Aleppo pepper.  

Dukkah is traditionally served with bread or raw vegetables and olive oil for dipping (dip your bread or vegetables in the olive oil, then in the dukkah, eat and repeat!). But once you taste it, you’ll want to put it on everything—sprinkled over your morning eggs, used as a rub for meats and even tossed with buttered popcorn. Read on for our 7 rockin’ ways to use dukkah.

7+ Ways to Rock the Dukkah

1. Make the ultimate tomato sandwich

Try our twist on the classic tomato & mayo: Tomato & Mustard Seed Oil Aioli Sandwich with Dukkah (pictured).

2. Dukkah-spiced grilled feta

Place a thick slice of your favorite feta cheese on a piece of heavy-duty tin foil, drizzle with olive oil and top with chopped preserved lemon and Dukkah. Wrap the whole thing up, creating a tin foil packet, and grill until the feta is heated through and soft, about 10–15 minutes. Open the tin foil, garnish the warm feta with freshly chopped mint and scoop it up with lots of crusty bread.

3. Spice up your burger game

Grill up lamb burgers seasoned with dukkah and topped with a vibrant herbed yogurt sauce.

4.  A spicy summer panzanella

Toss cubes of bread with olive oil and Dukkah, toast until golden brown and toss with ripe tomatoes, chopped preserved lemon, olive oil and freshly torn mint and parsley.

5. 15-minute roasted tomato, goat cheese & dukkah crostini

Drizzle cherry tomatoes with mustard seed oil, spread them in an even layer on a sheet pan and roast at 400°F for 10 minutes. Serve on crostini slathered with fresh goat cheese and garnish with a generous amount of Dukkah.

6. A savory parfait (a.k.a. the breakfast of champions)

Move over granola, there’s a new yogurt topping in town (and it’s savory!). Start your day with our recipe for Spiced Chickpeas with Yogurt and Dukkah.

7. Add some spice to your breading (fried and flavorful!)

Mix Dukkah with panko breadcrumbs and use as a flavor-packed coating for fish or chicken.

Bonus: Eggs, meet your new best friend.

Use Dukkah to zest up any egg dish—try sprinkling over fried eggs, adding a spoonful to egg salad or using Spicy Dukkah as a garnish for deviled eggs.

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