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A Tuscan Treasure: Italian Panforte & 5 Ways to Enjoy It

08 December 2016

5 Ways to Celebrate the King of Sienese Sweets

1. Do like the Italians do—serve wedges of panforte after your holiday meal, along with pieces of torrone, dried fruit and nuts (and don’t forget a glass of Vin Santo!).

2. Serve slices of Panforte Nero as an accompaniment to cheeses like Aged Beemster X.O. Gouda, sharp Cabot Clothbound Cheddar and rich, buttery Brillat Savarin.

3. Enjoy a medieval “Pop-Tart” and start the morning with a piece of Panforte Margherita alongside a cup of Highwire Celebration coffee or Mariage Frères tea.

4. Escape the holiday madness for a moment: pack slices of panforte for a leisurely hike in the woods—it’s the original power bar!

5. Send your guests home with a sweet ‘n’ spicy treat—cut Panforte Nero into small cubes and add to homemade caramel corn