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5 Ways to Use Caravaglio Marinated Capers

31 July 2019

caravaglio capers in olive oil with herbsThe island of Salina—just off the Northern Coast of Sicily—has the ideal mineral-rich soil for growing capers that are sweeter and more perfumed than any others in the world. Heralded for their fragrant bouquet and delicate crunch, Sicilian capers are a staple in any Italian pantry.

To make his marinated capers, producer Antonino Caravaglio preserves these prized buds in extra virgin olive oil, salt and wine vinegar with aromatic Sicilian oregano and bay leaves. Briny and herbaceous, these oil-packed capers are stunning straight out of the jar (say goodbye to rinsing!). Spoon over grilled swordfish, stir into dressings and herb-based sauces or toss with halved cherry tomatoes and torn basil for an instant pasta sauce. Keep reading for five more ways to use Caravaglio marinated capers.

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5 Ways to Use Caravaglio Marinated Capers

MHFoods photo recipe smoky eggplant dip capers with flatbread portrait edited v2 666x1000 201907311. Smoky Eggplant Pepper Spread with Capers

Whip up this 5-ingredient Smoky Eggplant Pepper Spread with Capers, inspired by classic Sicilian Caponata (a sweet and savory dish of eggplant and vegetables flavored with olive oil, vinegar and capers). 

2. Capers  + Chimichurri = Caperchurri

Looking for an all-purpose sauce? This caperchurri is here for you. A simple combination of parsley, capers, fennel pollen, garlic, olive oil and vinegar is as versatile as it is delicious. Spoon it over flame-kissed chicken skewers, toss with blanched green beans or use as a dressing for pasta salad. 

3. Tomato Salad, Puttanesca-Style

Celebrate tomatoes in all their glory with this Puttanesca Tomato Salad, a summer ode to the popular Neapolitan pasta dish flavored with anchovies, garlic, olives and capers.

4. Mix Up Your Bruschetta Game

Keep on the Puttanesca theme and dive into these Bruschetta with Fresh Puttanesca Sauce.

5. Pasta with Grilled Branzino & Capers

Win at weeknight dinner with this easy recipe for Organic Saragolla Rigatoncini with Grilled Branzino & Capers (psst, it goes from pantry to table in just 30 minutes!).