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Pasta with Zucchini, Anchovies & Hot Pepper Breadcrumbs

on Thursday, 20 June 2019. Posted in Pasta & Grains, Main Course, Recipes

The ways we love to eat zucchini are numerous—sliced thin and served raw, halved and grilled, cut into coins and sautéed, just to name a few—but one of our favorite ways to enjoy this versatile squash is grated and slowly cooked in olive oil. The zucchini turns sweet and silky with a...

Paccheri Pasta with Dorade, Burst Cherry Tomato & Saffron Sauce

on Friday, 21 September 2018. Posted in Pasta & Grains, Main Course

Dorade—known by many names: orata in Italy, daurade in France and sea bream in the United States—is a white fish treasured for its tender, flaky texture and mild, clean flavor of the sea. Here we pair this prized catch with last-of-the-season cherry tomatoes (bursting with the final rays of...

Organic Saragolla Rigatoncini with Grilled Branzino & Capers

on Thursday, 26 April 2018. Posted in Pasta & Grains, Main Course, Recipes

This 6-ingredient pasta dish celebrates two of 2018 sofi™ Award winners: Organic Saragolla Rigatoncini and IASA Grilled Mediterranean Sea Bass in Olive Oil (Branzino Grigliato).  The subtle smokiness of the grilled branzino plays beautifully with the delicate earthy flavor of the pasta,...

Roasted Halibut with Tomatoes, Capers & Herbs

on Thursday, 15 February 2018. Posted in Main Course, Recipes

Savor a taste of Italian summer any time of the year with this easy yet elegant dish starring Italian Spaccatelle Tomato Slices from Masseria Mirogallo. Bonus: This simple recipe only requires 8 ingredients and comes together in under a half an hour (Did someone say easy entertaining?). Recipe...

Sicilian Baked Apples

on Friday, 01 December 2017. Posted in Holidays, Desserts, Recipes

This recipe from Sicilian fruit preserves company Marchesi di San Giuliano makes a wonderfully simple ending to a fall dinner or Thanksgiving feast. We've suggested using Sicilian Mandarin Marmalade, but any of their organic citrus marmalades would be delicious. Recipe courtesy of...

Broken Tomato Halves (Spaccatelle di Pomodori)

on Thursday, 05 October 2017. Posted in Appetizers & Starters, Vegetable & Side Dishes, Recipes

At Masseria Mirogallo, a beautiful family-run farm in Lucania, this recipe is often made for a quick, filling lunch. Spaccatelle, derived from spaccare, means “to break, smash, or divide,” and is the key to this simple dish. Cut whole peeled tomatoes in half, discard the seeds, and scatter on...