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Turkish Lamb Kofte with Fresh Herb Salad

on Thursday, 04 May 2017. Posted in Appetizers & Starters, Main Course, Recipes

Crushed Marash Chili—a staple in Turkish cooking and close relative of famed Aleppo pepper—has a well-balanced heat with sweet notes of roasted red pepper and dried fruit. This food-friendly pepper pairs beautifully with smoky cumin, coriander and fresh herbs in our take on Turkish...

Spring Crostata with Asparagus, Spring Onions and Crucolo Cheese

on Monday, 10 April 2017. Posted in Appetizers & Starters, Vegetable & Side Dishes, Main Course, Recipes

This rustic tart celebrates the best of spring—asparagus and thinly sliced spring onions atop a luscious cheesy filling surrounded by buttery melt-in-your-mouth crust. Serve as an elegant addition to a brunch buffet or as a simple meal alongside lightly dressed greens. The crust and...

Carnaroli Cacio e Pepe

on Wednesday, 08 March 2017. Posted in Appetizers & Starters, Vegetable & Side Dishes, Pasta & Grains, Recipes

Crispy melted cheese, satisfying bursts of black pepper here and there—yes please!  This quick and easy dish is modeled after the classic Italian dish Riso al Salto, a crunchy rice cake traditionally made with leftover risotto. Carnaroli rice has the perfect texture and toothsome bite...

Piment d'Espelette Aioli

on Thursday, 25 February 2016. Posted in Appetizers & Starters, Recipes, Sauces & Condiments

This mildly spicy take on classic French aioli gets its gentle heat from Basque Piment d'Espelette AOP Powder and Espelette Mustard. The technique used in this recipe is inspired by renowned New York Chef Daniel Boulud, who uses both a raw egg yolk and a lightly poached egg to bind his aioli. The...

Oysters Rockefeller

on Wednesday, 17 February 2016. Posted in Appetizers & Starters, Recipes

The recipe for Oysters Rockefeller was created over a hundred years ago at Antoine’s restaurant in New Orleans, still in operation today. Because of the butter in addition to the oysters, the dish was considered to be so rich that it had to be named after the richest man in...

Spanish Bacalao Ajoarriero

on Wednesday, 04 November 2015. Posted in Appetizers & Starters, Main Course, Recipes

Our take on Bacalao Ajoarriero—a spicy Spanish dish of salt cod dressed in a sauce of tomatoes, peppers, garlic and Pimentón de la Vera—is inspired by a tapa that our Assistant Imports Buyer, Asha, ate at the Mercado San Miguel during her recent trip the Madrid, Spain....