Vegetable & Side Dishes

Peruvian Causa

on Wednesday, 15 April 2015. Posted in Appetizers & Starters, Vegetable & Side Dishes, Main Course, Recipes

The ingredient list for this classic Peruvian dish may seem like an odd combination, but the end result is pure, comfort food (think the flavors of potato salad). Causa is comprised of layers of seasoned mashed potatoes, mayonnaise, hard-boiled eggs and olives. Most recipes also include the...

Warm Rice Salad with Aleppo Roasted Squash

on Thursday, 22 January 2015. Posted in Vegetable & Side Dishes, Pasta & Grains, Recipes

Seeking some refreshing vegetarian inspiration this winter, we created this colorful rice salad featuring bold Middle Eastern ingredients. The hearty nuttiness of red rice and the sweetness of squash is balanced by a hit of acidity from a preserved lemon vinaigrette and the lingering heat of...

Warm Chestnut Lima Bean Salad

on Friday, 03 October 2014. Posted in Vegetable & Side Dishes, Recipes

Chestnut lima beans (a.ka. Christmas lima beans) have nutty flavor, creamy texture and vibrant color that make this a hearty and beautiful side dish. Cherry tomatoes add sweetness, while a touch of Spanish red wine vinegar rounds out the whole dish. If it isn’t tomato season, try substituting...

KimKim Korean Chicken Wings

on Sunday, 09 February 2014. Posted in Appetizers & Starters, Vegetable & Side Dishes, Recipes

These addictive wings, inspired by Korean fried chicken, are marinated, fried and then tossed with a sweet and spicy glaze made with KimKim Hot Sauce, honey and fresh lime juice. A sprinkle of sesame seeds finishes off these totally irresistible bites.


on Monday, 16 December 2013. Posted in Salads & Dressings, Vegetable & Side Dishes, Recipes

We can't stress this enough - this recipe is aching to be tweaked and customized to your tastes. Caponata are as different from house to house in Sicily as curries in India. Add more anchovies or leave them out - toss in fresh basil if you prefer - squirt in some lemon juice - there's not much...

Orecchiette with Roasted Cauliflower, Raisins & Colatura

on Monday, 16 December 2013. Posted in Vegetable & Side Dishes, Pasta & Grains, Main Course, Recipes

This traditional dish relies on the perfect balance of sweet and savory.