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Classic Gilda Pintxo

Prep Time: 0 mins
Cook Time:10 mins
Total Time:0 hour(s)10 mins

Pinxtos are one-bite finger foods served at bars across Spain's Basque Country that showcase local delicacies. The gilda is a simple three-ingredient pinxto starring Conservas Ortiz anchovy fillets, caught from the Cantabrian Sea. Enjoy this salty and savory skewered bite with thirst quenching Basque specialties, such txakoli, the crisp and slightly fizzy local white wine or the region's tart cider. 

Adapted from Saveur's Classic Gildas recipe. 


Serves 6



First, slide a pepper onto a skewer or a toothpick. Next add the anchovy by folding it into an s-shape and piercing it through the middle. Lastly, add the olive.