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Broken Tomato Halves (Spaccatelle di Pomodori)

Prep Time: 5 mins
Cook Time:5 mins
Total Time:0 hour(s)15 mins

At Masseria Mirogallo, a beautiful family-run farm in Lucania, this recipe is often made for a quick, filling lunch. Spaccatelle, derived from spaccare, means “to break, smash, or divide,” and is the key to this simple dish. Cut whole peeled tomatoes in half, discard the seeds, and scatter on a plate with garlic, olive oil, salt, and capers. Eat with fresh semolina bread. That’s it! So satisfying and so simple!

Don’t wait for summer! This recipe can be made all year long with quality jarred tomatoes, like the ones from Masseria Mirogallo, packed in just steps from the field and intended to be used much the same way as a fresh tomato. You can taste the sunshine still in them!

Recipe courtesy of Rolando Beramendi, founder of Manicaretti Italian Food Importers  and author of  Autentico: Cooking Italian, the Authentic Way


Serves 1



Put the thinly sliced garlic in a shallow bowl. Top with the tomatoes and drizzle with olive oil. Season with salt and sprinkle the capers over the top. Serve immediately with fresh bread.