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25 July 2019

15 French Flourishes For This Summer

You don’t need to be a devoted francophile to enjoy our celebration of all things French and delicieux at Market Hall Foods. We quizzed our test kitchen team to come up with this list of quinze ide...
02 May 2019

A Prized Catch: Why We Love Conservas Ortiz

There are so many reasons to love Conservas Ortiz, one of Spain's most renowned fish producers—from their sustainable fishing practices to their committment to traditional hands-on processing and p...
15 March 2019

The Grain You Need In Your Pantry

What in the world is farro? Farro is an unhybridized ancestor of modern wheat. This ancient heirloom grain is prized for its deep nutty flavor, al dente texture and high nutritional value (high in...
31 October 2018

The Truffle Primer

Hey, what exactly are truffles? Truffles are the fruiting body of a fungus closely related to mushrooms that, starting in spring, form several inches underground at the base of certain trees, mainl...
14 October 2018

The Prize of Venice

Nocino—a beloved Italian liqueur made from walnuts, sugar and spices—is often found on tables in the Veneto region as a digestif or after-dinner drink. Inspired by this treasured libation, the Vali...
11 October 2018

Eat These Fried Italian Peppers Like Potato Chips

Warning: Once you start eating Masseria Mirogallo's Fried Dried Peppers (Peperoni Cruschi), you won't be able to stop. These addictive Italian snacks are made with Peperoni di Senise IGP, a local s...
04 October 2018

6 Ways to Pizza Perfection

October is National Pizza Month! Our secret to truly delicious pizza? Embrace simplicity and highlight a few really great ingredients. Keep reading for our 6 ultimate pizza toppings—from the best t...
29 September 2018

The Secret's in the Tomato Paste

Maria Grammatico Estratto di Pomodoro is still crafted the authentic way with three key ingredients: San Marzano tomatoes, Sicilian sun and time. The result is a rich, umami-packed paste that adds ...
23 September 2018

Fresh Catch: NEW Mediterranean Dorade in Water from IASA

Introducing NEW Mediterranean Dorade in Water from IASA, one of our favorite Italian fish producers (you might have had their anchovies and sofi™ Award-winning grilled branzino). Dorade—known by m...
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