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Inside Market Hall

This Truffle Season's Wild Ride

14 December 2017

Boy, has this been a wild rollercoaster ride of a truffle season—completely unpredictable and full of twists and turns. The thrills and chills continue as we putt-putt up up the steep rails to the New Year. Half the fun of truffle season is engaging in the tenterhooks excitement surrounding the unpredictability of these mysterious tubers, and this year's ride has been a doozy!

Insider ticket

Curious about what goes on behind the scenes in truffle season? Here's an insider ticket to the ride—a peek in on the twisty-turny truffle text thread (with their permission, of course!) between Market Hall Foods Retail Director Juliana Uruburu  (aka Truffle Goddess) and our beloved longtime Italian truffle source (let's call him Giuseppe). Enjoy the ride!

Friday, Nov 3

Juliana: How are things looking? I'm excited to order truffles! :-)
Giuseppe: Things not so good. Very few truffles coming up this year all over Italy and France! :-(
Juliana: ?
Giuseppe: Let's wait a week and see . . .

Monday, Nov 13

Giuseppe: My sources are finally finding some truffles! They are all small this year, but intensely aromatic.
Juliana: Please send me the best of what you have.

Friday, Nov 17

Juliana: Didn't hear from you. Can I get truffles delivered on Tuesday?
Giuseppe: Yes, sorry, it was a crazy day . . . I'm not getting anything in next week . . .
Juliana: :-/

Saturday, Nov 18

Giuseppe: Ciao! So . . . truffles . . . we're good to go. Prices same for now, but can probably do better by end of week. Keep me posted on the quantities. I'm closing order by Fri/Sat. Big hug.

Friday, Nov 24

Juliana: Tuesday delivery: 1/2 pound White, 3/4 pound Fall Black.
Giuseppe: Tuesday impossible. Wednesday morning most likely.
Juliana: Okay, Wednesday. Thanks!!!

Sat Nov 25

Juliana: Prices? I need them for my newsletter.

Sunday Nov 26

Giuseppe: Sorry for late answer.
Juliana: Can you please resend me the per pound price?
Giuseppe: Yes, yes in 5 min.
Juliana: Anytime today or tomorrow.
Giuseppe: Ok tomorrow then as I'm waiting for updates tonight . . . enjoy your Sunday!
Juliana: You too!

Monday, Nov 27

Giuseppe: Sorry, but I  have not good news . . . unfortunately our order was not shipped and will not ship until tomorrow. This means it will arrive Thursday night and we will not see truffles until Friday . . . I'm thinking to cancel the whole thing and postpone it to next week . . . I can get a small amount to cover your orders from a friend in NYC . . .

Tuesday Nov 28

Juliana: What time Friday? I need to call all of my customers who placed orders. Otherwise I need to order from someone else.
Giuseppe: Friday morning . . . I'm cancelling the order. I don't want to sit on truffles over the week. As I said I can cover your order if you need me to.
Juliana: Same price? Can I get them tomorrow?
Juliana: Forget it. I can order for next week.

Saturday, Dec 2

Giuseppe: How is your pre-order looking?
Juliana: Please send me prices!

Sunday, Dec 3

Giuseppe: Hi, happy Sunday. Here are the updates: $$$$ for Winter Black Truffles, $$$ for Fall Black Truffles, White Truffles you don't want to know . . .

Monday, Dec 11

Giuseppe: Hi, any thoughts or updates?
Juliana:  I still need the price for the White (whether you wish to tell me or not). Regarding Fall or Winter, I leave that to you. I'll take whatever's in the very best condition. Last year, we returned some Winter. 
Giuseppe: Fall Black Truffles $$$, Winter Black Truffles $$$$, White Truffles I was able to get something at $$$$$ from another supplier. They had originally given me the price of $$$$$$. Crazy!
Juliana: Whatever you decide. I support your decision (as long as I get my order).

Tuesday, Dec 12

Giuseppe: So 1.5 lb of Winter? Won't be coming before Thursday am. White can come tomorrow or Wednesday.
Juliana: Ok. An ounce or two of White. What are you comfortable bringing in of Winter Black? Have you heard good things about this shipment of Winter or should we stick with Fall? I'm fine with the Winter if you think the quality is there . . .
Giuseppe: I think it's there. It's almost the 15th of December, so it can't be unripe.
Juliana: I trust you . . . I'll take what you can get.
Giuseppe: Grazie! Ciao!