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The Prize of Abruzzo

01 October 2017

agrumato citron olive oil 500x500

Citron, or cedro in Italian, is an unusual citrus fruit, beloved for its distinctive gnarly skin, pulpy interior and fragrant citrus flavor (holiday bakers, you might familiar with our candied citron).

Agrumato Citron Olive Oil—from producers of award-winning Agrumato Lemon and Tangerine olive oils—captures the true essence of this cherished fruit. Whole citrons are pressed in the mill with the olives, capturing the citrus' essential oils for an aromatic condiment with a lime-lemon taste, a light, bright zing of fresh zest, and a subtle herbaceousness.


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Add a citron twist . . .

  • Toss with lightly poached seafood and spoon onto thick slices of grilled bread
  • Make baked fish in parchment dressed with Agrumato Citron, a few sprigs of thyme, fresh parsley leaves and flaky sea salt
  • Drizzle over vanilla gelato or lemon sorbet
  • 6 more ways to use Agrumato Citrus Olive Oils