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Spanish Sardines in Olive Oil

27 August 2017

Jarred and tinned fish—sardines, cod, salmon and anchovies—are must-have staples in any pantry, adding depth and umami to your favorite dishes, solving snacking doldrums, and magically creating quick meals without turning on the stove.

ortiz sardinesThe showstopper

Spanish Sardines from Conservas Ortiz are the crème de la crème of sardines—luscious, buttery with a delicate briny flavor of the sea. Each sardine is sustainably caught, cleaned by hand, quickly fried and packed in olive oil.

 This time of year, Ortiz sardines are our answer to fast, easy yet satisfying no-cook meals. The meaty fillets are stunning straight out of the jar with a simple spritz of lemon or a lashing of Banyuls Mustard. Or use them in lieu of tuna in a twist on classic Niçoise salad.


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