Olio Nuovo: Harvest Report 2014

Olio Nuovo: Harvest Report 2014

on Thursday, 20 November 2014. Posted in Inside Market Hall

Olio nuovo is the first extra virgin olive oil of the season, pressed and bottled immediately after harvest. It's olive oil at its freshest and most intense, with fluorescent green color, silken texture, robust, spicy flavor and aromas of artichoke, black pepper, green apple and freshly cut grass. Experience it now.

This year was a challenging one for olive oil producers across the globe, as inclement weather in many regions resulted in uneven budding and ripening of olive crops. While many producers were faced with little or no olive oil production, some lucky others benefited from orchards located in protected microclimates and from the use of savvy farming and milling techniques.

Every year, we have our selection of new oils flown in directly from Italy or brought straight from Califorinia farmers the second the oils leave the mill. We taste and choose oils that best reflect the typical characteristics of olio nuovo: peppery, green, grassy flavor with a kick of pungency.

As a result of this year's tasting, we are excited to offer a selection of perennial favorites from longstanding producer friends, as well as some outstanding new offerings — like the Olio Nuovo from Séka Hills of California — that we just fell in love with.

(You might notice that some classics are missing from our usual lineup. Sadly, for Tenuta di Capezzana, the poor season resulted in no new olive oil.)

Celebrate these wonderful new arrivals in the Tuscan style, by eating plenty of fettunta (toasted bread rubbed with raw garlic, drenched in olio nuovo and sprinkled with salt). Olio nuovo is a unique holiday gift that makes every meal a special occasion. Give generously. Pour abundantly.

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