The Monster Cheese is Back!

The Monster Cheese is Back!

Crucolo Cheese from Italy—We've Got the Only Wheel in the USA

on Thursday, 31 March 2016. Posted in Inside Market Hall

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It's here at The Cheese Counter, Rockridge Market Hall (Oakland, California).

What dwarves 80-pound wheels of Swiss Gruyère and smashes rounds of Dutch Gouda? Weighing in at 365 pounds, our mammoth wheel of Crucolo has just rolled into town—and yes, we've got the only one in the USA!

But Crucolo has a lot more than size to offer: it’s tangy, bright, grassy, a bit apple-y and delightfully creamy.

We've got a pound for every day of the year and can think of almost as many uses for this fresh Asiago-style stunner hailing from Trentino, Italy.


A Loveable Brute

Crucolo is a gentle giant—it’s even benign with children: try it cubed as an afterschool snack with apple wedges, crackers and sliced roasted turkey. Crucola loves to be the center of attention. Make it the star of your next pizza party (Crucola melts like mozzarella but adds more flavor), on a pie with seasonal vegetables like asparagus, a drizzle of olive oil and garlic. The supple texture lends itself to ooey- gooey melting.

Hosting the next neighborhood gathering? How about a cheese and charcuterie plate? Crucolo and Prosciutto is a match made in heaven. Hankering for something sweet? Crucolo, Calabrian figs and Italian hazelnuts make a dreamy no-bake dessert. The tang from the Crucolo plus the concentrated sugars of the fig and the crunch from the nuts will make your mouth sing.

Got a craving for grilled cheese? We love Crucolo melted between slices of sourdough with fresh tomato. Keep Crucola on hand for breakfast—toss some into your next wake-up omelette or scramble. Make killer garlic cheese bread with Crucolo (this Gargantua slays your taste buds only). Blend butter, garlic and Crucolo together, spread on a baguette and pop under the broiler for the perfect spaghetti partner.


Get it While It's Here—and enter to win $25

Come on by The Cheese Counter (at Rockridge Market Hall in Oakland) for a taste—or to take a picture with this giant of a cheese!  Visit us on Facebook to see more photos or to join our Crucolo Contest: You & The Big Cheese. Just for fun, anyone who take a selfie with the Crucolo and posts it on our Rockridge Market Hall Facebook page (with the tag #Crucolo) will be entered to win a $25 gift certificate. (No purchase necessary. Winners will notified via Facebook).