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Go for Gochujang: Savory, Spicy & Umami-licious!

02 August 2018

milkimchi gochujang originalNot yo mama's gochujang . . . 

Gochujang—a centuries-old Korean condiment made from fermented soybeans, rice, Korean red chile, salt and sugar—packs a powerful punch of umami and tongue-tingling heat with just a touch of sweetness. What makes Mother-in-Law's addictive pastes even tastier than most? They are made with non-GMO ingredients, no corn syrup and no MSG.

Mother-in-Law Kimchi's original Gochujang Fermented Chile Paste has a medium-hot heat and thick miso paste-like consistency that makes it ideal for cooking. It adds a spicy, funky kick to marinades and BBQ sauces. Or mix equal parts gochujang and softened butter together for a flavor-boosting compound butter (imagine it slathered over grilled corn, yes!).

Their Gochujang Fermented Chile Paste with Sesame  gets an extra savory hit from toasty sesame oil and a nutty richness from the addition of peanuts. Mop it over flame-kissed skirt steak as it is coming off the grill, toss with chicken wings or whisk into salad dressings (try our recipe for Smashed Cucumber Salad, pictured below).

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5 ways to bring the heat with Korean gochujang 

smashed cucumber salad gochujang dressing 500x5001. Use Gochujang Fermented Chile Paste with Sesame in a fiery dressing for Smashed Cucumber Salad (pictured). Serve as a side for grilled meats of all kinds!

2. Make a quick Korean marinade for skirt steak: Combine 1/4 cup of Kishibori Shoyu with a tablespoon (or two, if you like it spicy!) of original Gochujang Fermented Chile Paste and a hearty drizzle of honey. Marinate the steak for a couple hours to overnight, and then grill to perfection! For an extra flavor boost, brush with Gochujang Fermented Chile Paste with Sesame as the steak is coming off the grill and finish with a sprinkling of toasted sesame seeds. Psst, this marinade works beautifully with chicken, pork and vegetables too!

3. Add a couple spoonfuls of Gochujang Fermented Chile Paste with Sesame to deviled eggs instead of mustard for Korean deviled eggs. Garnish with toasted sesame seeds and thinly sliced green onions.

4. Bring the umami to your next BBQ with Korean sliders! Add a tablespoon of Gochujang Fermented Chile Paste to a pound ground beef along with a couple teaspoons each of finely chopped garlic and ginger. Form into 8 patties and grill. Serve on toasted slider buns topped with store-bought kimchi (or make your own with Mama O's Premium Kimchi Paste).

5. Mix equal parts Gochujang Fermented Chile Paste with softened unsalted butter for a put-me-on-everything compoud butter. Use to finish grilled steaks, brush over shrimp skewers as they are cooking or melt and toss with popcorn. 


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