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From the Heart of Cava Country

14 May 2018

cava vinegarA dynamic duo

Agustí Torelló Mata's Sec (Dry) Cava Vinegar is bright and lively with light notes of citrus zest and stone fruit. Its crisp, clean flavor makes it our go-to for vinaigrettes, quick pickling and zippy sauces (think: mignonette for oysters and seafood).

The White Balsamic (Sweet) Cava Vinegar is more fruit-forward with richer notes of ripe melon and honey. Add a splash of this versatile vinegar to pan sauces, marinades or use as a condiment for fruit like spring-sweet berries and apricots.

Great wine makes great wine vinegar

The Agustí Torelló Mata estate winery is known for some of the finest cava wines in the world, highlighting indigenous grapes from local vines of the Penedès region. In fact, one of their cavas was served as the house cava at world-renowned restaurant El Bulli.

These exceptional vinegars are estate-made with Agustí Torelló Mata's distinctive cavas and barrel-aged for 18+ months. The result? Smooth, elegant vinegars with a well-balanced acidity and nuanced flavor.


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