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Agrumato Citrus Olive Oils: Instant Fresh-Picked Citrus Flavor

18 January 2018

agrumato lemon oli 400x522This January, we're partnering with Oakland journalist and food blogger, Christina Mitchell of East Bay Dish, on her 8-week Food Lover Fitness Challenge. Her goal: to eat and live well and deliciously (read more about her journey here).

One of our keys to healthy, satisfying eating? Ingredients that pack a punch of quick, effortless flavor with a simple sprinkle, spoonful, drizzle or pour—that means spicy hot peppers in olive oil, umami-packed anchovies, vibrant vinegars and one of our favorites, Agrumato Citrus Olive Oils.

These Italian citrus olive oils—made by cold-pressing whole citrus with the olives, infusing the fruits' essential oils—are bold, bright and vivacious capturing peak-season citrus flavor.


Pour on the flavor and shop Agrumato Citrus Olive Oils  ➤

How to use

These citrus-perfetto olive oils add a burst of Italian sunshine straight out of the bottle:

Keep pouring with 6 more ways to add zip, zing and zest with Agrumato citrus olive oils.

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