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A Prized Catch: Why We Love Conservas Ortiz

02 May 2019

There are so many reasons to love Conservas Ortiz, one of Spain's most renowned fish producers—from their sustainable fishing practices to their committment to traditional hands-on processing and preserving techniques. 

Plus all their tuna, sardines and anchovies are packed in olive oil, giving the fish its luscious, silky texture and incomparable flavor. Read on for 8 more reasons why Conservas Ortiz is a catch above the rest.

8+ reasons to love Conservas Ortiz

ortiz tuna round tin1.  It's so darn good for you.

Tuna is loaded with vitamins and nutrients like heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids and selenium (which helps your immune system). 

2.  Did we mention it's sustainably caught?

The Conservas Ortiz fishermen line-catch each fish individually. It's a slow, labor-intensive process that helps protect marine ecosystems.

3.  It can save the day!

Keeping cans of Ortiz tuna on hand makes for quick and easy meals. Pop open a tin and serve atop a Niçoise salad, toss with white beans and arugula with a squeeze of lemon, or whip up a batch of our Lemon Pepper Tuna Cakes.

4.  They're the coolest looking tuna tins on the block.

Bright colors and eye-catching artwork make these beauties the star of your larder. Pile them high on display in your kitchen! 

5.  It tastes REALLY good.

Seems like an obvious reason, but this really is the best tuna you will ever taste.It is meaty, clean tasting and packed in olive oil to keep the flakes moist and flavorful.

ortiz tuna ventresca6. The Ventresca.

Have you tried the white tuna belly? Rich, silky, supple . . . need we say more?

7. It ages gorgeously.

Yes, that’s right. Tuna packed in olive oil gets better with age. In fact, Conservas Ortiz ages each tin at least three months before sending it to customers. The exquisite Family Reserve, for true fish fanatics, gets an even longer aging time (vintage 2014!).

8. It’s the best.

Only the highest grade tuna, sardines and anchovies are brought in by Ortiz. They are processed by hand within 24 hours of being caught, and cooked for a taste that’s beyond compare.

Bonus #9! Tuna noodle casserole, anyone?

Come on, admit it. We all secretly love tuna noodle casserole. It's the best comfort food ever. Now you can make the world's most decadent tuna noodle casserole using Ortiz Ventresca. Skip the canned soup and Ritz crackers and indulge in egg noodles tossed with a creamy béchamel sauce, Ventresca tuna, morel mushrooms and English peas topped with buttery breadcrumbs. 

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Plenty of Fish in the Sea

Taste Conservas Ortiz's line of jarred and tinned fish

ortiz sardines1. Bonito del Norte Tuna in Olive Oil

Conservas Ortiz's Bonito del Norte Tuna, or white tuna, is rich and meaty with a clean, delicate briny flavor of the sea. Enjoy straight out of the tin on grilled slices of bread with an extra drizzle of Spanish extra virgin olive oil and a spritz of lemon. Or throw a tapas party and make our recipe for Smoky Tuna-Stuffed Piquillo Peppers.

2. Ventresca Tuna in Olive Oil

If you've never tried Ortiz Ventresca Tuna (or even if you have), you owe yourself the experience. Ventresca (white tuna belly) is cut from the most delicate part of the center loin.

The meat, silky and rich, is in thin, supple fillets ready to devour straight out of the can—or add to a salad for an effortlessly elegant meal.

3. Sardines in Olive Oil (pictured)

Spanish Sardines from Conservas Ortiz are the crème de la crème of sardines—luscious, buttery with a delicate briny flavor of the sea. Each sardine is sustainably caught, cleaned by hand, quickly fried and packed in olive oil. For an effortless yet satisfying meal, pile sardine fillets on a piece of toast slathered with Banyuls Mustard and arugula dressed with olive oil and lemon juice.

4. Anchovy Fillets in Olive Oil

Plucked from the Cantabrian Sea off the northern coast of Spain, these fleshy pink fish are cured in salt for at least six months before they are hand-filleted one by one and packed in olive oil. This meticulous process pays off in anchovies with complex flavor and smooth, meaty texture. Use as a garnish for deviled eggs flavored with smoky Spanish paprika, or create a umami-packed anchovy compound butter for grilled steak and vegetables. 

5. Family Reserve Bonito del Norte Tuna

Conservas Ortiz's Reserva di Familia Bonito del Norte is aged in the tin for a year plus (their classic Bonito del Norte tuna—you know, the one in the bright yellow tins—is aged for 3 months). The extra "cellar" aging time allows the olive oil to transform the fish into something truly special—rich in tuna flavor with a smooth, supple texture and tender, flaky bite.

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Recipes featuring their jarred & tinned fish

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