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7 Great Truffle Gifts

07 December 2017

Gifting truffle products is guaranteed to impress—and not necessarily pricey. Here are seven truffleicious gifts for every taste and budget. 

1. For the home cooktruffle winter black

A fresh Black Winter Truffle and truffle slicer
Swing by the Cheese Counter in Oakland and let us help you choose just the right truffle to delight your favorite personal chef—plus a slicer to shave it with.

2. For the sweet romantic

market hall foods lunardi black tuffle oil 2

Drizzle this irresistable truffle honey over fried chicken, tangy goat cheese or vanilla ice cream. The sweetness of the honey  hits your tongue, then melts into a gorgeous, deep, earthy truffle flavor. We serve ity alongside chunks of Parmigiano-Reggiano and watch the looks of oohs and aahs creep into the faces of our guests.


calivirgin white truffle olive oil

3. For the California dreamin'

Calivirgin White Truffle Olive Oil
This elegant finishing oil is made with only two ingredients: California estate-made extra virgin olive oil and fresh white truffles from Le Marche, Italy (no truffle essence, artificial flavorings or additives here). The result is an aromatic condiment that captures the intoxicating yet delicate earthiness of the prized Italian white truffle.


acetaia leonardi 12 year truffle balsamic 1024x10242x

4. For those in the know

12-Year Balsamic from Acetaia Leonardi
In pairing a 12-year condimento balsamico with white truffle, Acetaia Leonardi has created a very unusual and nuanced elixir. This prized condiment—aged through a batteria of a minimum 12 travasi and infused for 15 days with precious white truffles from Alba—delivers the purest scent of truffle wrapped in the complex sweetness of balsamic vinegar.


mhfoods sal de ibiza truffle chips 1

5. For the couch potato

Sal de Ibiza White Truffle Chips
Oh, yeah. Truffle snobs and nonbelievers alike will fight to the finish of this bag. An exhilarating blend of white truffle, summer truffle and fleur de sel make these fresh, crunchy, flavor-packed crisps the best truffle chips we've ever tasted (they sure know how to party in Ibiza). Available in-store only.


6. For the ultimate foodiemhfoods the big splurge truffle gift 3

The Big Splurge
Impress that hard-to-please foodie with a pound of truffle-infused Italian arborio rice from Principato di Lucedio, six truffle-infused organic farm eggs, a half pound of European-style butter plus a fresh black or white truffle of your choice—all tucked seductively into a beribboned glass jar. 

7. Make your own gift basket

The world is your truffle . . . 
Still searching for a gift with that perfect je ne sais quois? Put together your own personalized gift basket of all things truffle! Swing by the Cheese Counter in Oakland and we'll help you compose a custom gift basket that's just the thing.