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6 Ways to Pizza Perfection

04 October 2018

October is National Pizza Month! Our secret to truly delicious pizza? Embrace simplicity and highlight a few really great ingredients. Keep reading for our 6 ultimate pizza toppings—from the best tomato sauce and hot peppers to briny, succulent anchovies (Yes, anchovies...if you think you don't like them, you haven't tried IASA anchovies yet). So invite your friends over, pop open a couple bottles of wine and throw a pizza party!

Make it a Pizza Night

6 ways to pizza perfection

mirogallo tomato and basil sauce 400x5221. Tomato Sauce with Basil from Masseria Mirogallo

This sauce is Basilicata in a jar. Estate-grown tomatoes are ground and slowly cooked with fresh, aromatic basil and extra virgin olive oil to create a classic, simple base for any pizza.

Pizza, pizza: Make a traditional Margherita pizza with fresh mozzarella and finish with torn basil leaves and a hearty drizzle of EVOO as it is coming out of the oven.

agrumato lemon oli 400x5222. Agrumato® Lemon Olive Oil

Agrumato® Lemon Olive Oil—featured in Saveur Magazine's "Unique Pizza Ideas"—is produced by crushing the olives with whole lemons. The result? A vivacious condiment that adds an instant burst of bright, zesty flavor to pizza of all kinds.

Pizza, pizza: Drizzle over a pizza topped with Tuscan black kale (cavalo nero) and shaved Brussels sprouts. Finish with a snowdrift of grated Piave cheese.

Iasa anchovies fillets3. IASA Anchovy Fillets in Olive Oil

The anchovies from Ittica Alimentare Salerno (IASA)—sustainably-fished off the coast of Campania—are sweet, meaty and have a clean flavor of the ocean (these little fish are one of our secret flavor-boosting ingredients).

Pizza, pizza: Top pizza with thinly sliced broccolini, drape a few anchovy fillets over the vegetables and bake. Finish with IASA hot peppers in olive oil during the last few minutes of cooking.

tondo evoo4. Tondo DOP Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Great EVOO makes great pizza. Tondo DOP Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil has the strong aroma of tomato leaf and fresh herbs with green, grassy notes.

Pizza, pizza: Use to finish any tomato-based pizza. We also love this one drizzled over pizza topped with Masseria Mirogallo Tomato Sauce with Sweet Peppers, thin slices of roasted eggplant, fresh mozzarella and fresh basil. 

marinated capers 400x5225. Marinated Capers in Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Herbs

Heralded for their fragrant bouquet and delicate crunch, Sicilian capers are a staple in any Italian pantry. These prized buds are preserved in extra virgin olive oil, salt and wine vinegar with aromatic Sicilian oregano and bay leaves—perfect for using straight out of the jar!

Pizza, pizza: These delicate capers are best when added to pizzas after they come out of the oven. Spoon over a pizza speckled with Italian tomato wedges (spaccatelle) and thin slices of garlic. 

antica drogheria fennel pollen 1.5oz6. Wild Fennel Pollen from Antica Drogheria Francioni

Wild fennel pollen (you may know it as the classic seasoning for porchetta or finocchiona salami) has long been one of our most popular spices, beloved by chefs and home cooks alike. Intensely aromatic with a bright, clean anise flavor, it elevates every pizza it meets.

Pizza, pizza: Sprinkle wild fennel pollen over a pizza bianca and drizzle with Tenuta di Cappezzana extra virgin olive oil. Or toss sautéed mushrooms with a pinch of fennel pollen and use as pizza topping. 

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