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Tastiest Croissant in the Bay Area: The Secret's in the Butter

on Wednesday, 11 October 2017. Posted in Announcements, Inside Market Hall

Market Hall Bakery knows its European-style high-fat butter

We follow Croissant Master Mark Chacón into the MH Bakery kitchen to learn the secrets to creating and selecting an exceptional croissant. Morning breakfast choices just got yummier!  Market Hall Bakery's NEW croissants, poised to explode into buttery flakes. What makes an authentic...

Talking Peaches with MH Produce Fruit Guru David Findlay

on Thursday, 31 August 2017. Posted in Inside Market Hall

Peaches are My Passion

Are tree-ripe peaches in season? Yes, when you're in on the secrets of foothill farming. You can still make that tree-ripe peach galette! Over the last two decades, while shopping at MH Produce, you may have glimpsed him: an unassuming man in a green apron, stocking pears or pointing...

Market Hall Foods Executive Chef Scott Miller

on Friday, 09 June 2017. Posted in Inside Market Hall, Newsletters

Yes, Chef! 30 years at the helm of the kitchen

Market Hall Foods owner Sara Wilson hugs Executive Chef Scott Miller at his 30-year celebration In 2017, Market Hall Foods, formerly The Pasta Shop, has been celebrating its 30 years as the flagship store inside Rockridge Market Hall in Oakland. This month, Executive Chef Scott...

Meet Our Featured Taste Maker: Sandy Sonnenfelt

on Friday, 26 August 2016. Posted in Announcements, Inside Market Hall

Say Hello to the Prepared Foods and Pasta Program Director of Market Hall Foods

You've probably glimpsed her around Market Hall Foods (formerly the Pasta Shop), a woman with pink hair in a white chef jacket, peering into the prepared foods display, hovering over the sandwich case, or in earnest conversation with a floor staff member or any one of a legion of cooks in crisp...

Celebrate Bastille Day with Us! July 14th, 4 – 6pm

on Tuesday, 12 July 2016. Posted in Announcements, Inside Market Hall

Share the evening with our featured tastemaker: Kitty Keller

For our first ever store-wide Bastille Day Soirée, we are honored to host Kitty Keller of KL Keller Foodways (pictured above), America's importer of France's finest ingredients. Here, she shares a bit of her story. Stop by Thursday to hear more and say bonjour! What brought you to France?...

The Monster Cheese is Back!

on Thursday, 31 March 2016. Posted in Inside Market Hall

Crucolo Cheese from Italy—We've Got the Only Wheel in the USA

It's here at The Cheese Counter, Rockridge Market Hall (Oakland, California). What dwarves 80-pound wheels of Swiss Gruyère and smashes rounds of Dutch Gouda? Weighing in at 365 pounds, our mammoth wheel of Crucolo has just rolled into town—and yes, we've got the only one in the...