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3 Ways to Truffle Your Latkes

20 November 2017

 Ahh, Tuber Uncinatum, also known as Fall Black Truffle or Burgundy Truffle . . . These elusive beauties—dear in price due to limited growth areas and harvesting challenges—possess some of the most seductive, enigmatic and coveted flavors on earth. There's no better way to add a little luxury to your Chanukah table than to introduce your latkes to the splendor of black truffles. Here are three ways to make the magic happen:

3 Ways to Truffle Your Latkes

1. Sprinkle Black Truffle Salt from KL Keller over hot latkes just after frying (the heat from the latkes will make the aroma bloom). 

2. Add finely chopped fresh Fall Black Truffle to the grated potatoes and onions (Looking for a great latke recipe? Try this one)

3. Shave fresh Fall Black Truffle over hot-from-the-pan latkes topped with our housemade crème fraîche. 

Market Hall Foods Truffle Products

Truffle up your holiday table!  View our full collection of truffle products.

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Black Truffle Salt from KL Keller

An umami-packed blend of black summer truffles, Spanish fine-grain sea salt plus a touch of porcini powder and a hint of pure truffle essence, Black Truffle Salt from KL Keller is your holiday truffle go-to.

Truffled up: Sprinkle over hot latkes just after frying. Or use this umami-packed blend to season slow-cooked brisket (add extra aromatic indulgence with some finely chopped black truffle in the pan sauce too!).

White Truffle Olive Oil from Calivirgincalivirgin white truffle olive oil

Made with only two ingredients: California estate-made olive oil and fresh white truffles from Le Marche, Italy (no truffle essence, artificial flavorings or additives here!), Calivirgin White Truffle Olive Oil is ready for luxurious drizzling.

Truffled up: Truffle-ize our housemade latkes—heat them in the oven until crisp and heated through, and then brush them with a touch white truffle oil and a sprinkle of fleur de sel as they are coming out of the oven.


Still craving truffle info? Here's more! ➤ 

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