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2018 Good Food Awards Winners at Market Hall Foods

25 January 2018

Just last Friday, this year's fresh crop of food favorites—from EVOOS and chocolates to charcuterie and cheeses—was announced at the Good Food Awards (the Oscars of craft food makers). Here are just some of the winners we proudly carry at Market Hall Foods!

Calivirgin Jalapeño Olive Oil

Ripe jalapeños are milled together with organic, estate-grown olives for a fresh, bright, fruity oil with a spicy jalapeño finish and slow heat. From The Coldani family in the the San Joaquin valley. In-store and online. (pictured, above)

Other Good Food Awards EVOO winners (in-store and online): 
Frantoio Grove Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Bondolio Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Dick Taylor Craft Chocolate mhfoods dick taylor chocolate northerner blend 173% Northerner Blend

A bold, dark bar with notes of dried apricot and honey, handmade in Eureka, California in single batches with a blend of house-roasted Madagascan and Brazilian organic cacao beans. In-store only. (pictured)

Other Good Food Awards choco-centric winners (in-store only): 
Fran's Dark Chocolate Sauce
Mayana Chocolate Coconut Dream Bar

Le Bon Magot Tomato  and White Sultana Chutney

This versatile chutney marries the sweet fruitiness of tomato with piquant Kashmiri chilies, ginger and garam masala. In-store only.

Other Good Food Awards savory winner (in-store only).
Fra'mani sopressata

Good Food Awards Winning mhfoods point reyes farmstead cheese company bay blueCheeses available in-store

  • Bellwether Farms: Whole Milk Basket Ricotta
  • Firefly Farms Creamery: Merry Goat Round Spruce Reserve
  • LaClare Farms Specialties: Evalon
  • Laura Chenel's: Taupinière
  • Nettle Meadow Farm: Kunik
  • Point Reyes Farmstead Cheese: Bay Blue (pictured)
  • Sweet Grass Dairy: Thomasville Tomme
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