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3 Ways to Truffle Your Latkes

 Ahh, Tuber Uncinatum, also known as Fall Black Truffle or Burgundy Truffle . . . These elusive beauties—dear in price due to limited growth areas and harvesting challenges—possess some of the most...
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7 Great Truffle Gifts

Gifting truffle products is guaranteed to impress—and not necessarily pricey. Here are seven truffleicious gifts for every taste and budget.  1. For the home cook A fresh Black Winter Truffle and...
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9 Ways to Use Truffles for the Holidays

The intoxicating White Italian Truffle, poised for seduction Every year, from mid-November into early March, a variety of pigs and truffle-sniffing canines  throughout Europe get busy rooting ...

Chocolate Mendiants with Candied Fruit and Nuts

These French-inspired confections are easy to make, eye-catching and delicious—not to mention they are perfect for sharing (hello holiday gifts!). Recipe by Asha Loupy

Glazed Hasselbeck Squash with Dukkah & Preserved Lemon

Add a little spice and a lot of zest to your Thanksgiving feast with these sweet 'n' spicy roasted squash. The glaze is a rich, tangy combination of butter, honey, Aleppo pepper with a ton of citru...

Pumpkin Cranberry Loaf Cake

This autumnal-inspired recipe comes from Sally Darling, Market Hall Bakery's former director. After baking (and eating!) many variations, Sally perfected a cake that has just the right balance of p...

Rustic Bread Dressing with Fennel & Leeks

This simple rustic bread dressing is full of classic Turkey Day flavor—fennel, leeks, Italian wild fennel pollen and marjoram—with a little cheesy surprise: Parmigiano-Reggiano. This King of Italia...

Sicilian Baked Apples

This recipe from Sicilian fruit preserves company Marchesi di San Giuliano makes a wonderfully simple ending to a fall dinner or Thanksgiving feast. We've suggested using Sicilian Mandarin Marmalad...

Tartine's Cranberry Upside-Down Cake

Elisabeth Prueitt co-founded Tartine with Chad Robertson in 2002 and we're thrilled to be hosting her at Rockridge Market Hall, for a signing of Tartine: A Classic Revisited. In celebration of her ...

Truffled Ham & Cheese Tart

Meet your new holiday party hero. This savory slab tart only requires 7 ingredients, isn't fussy to assemble and will elicit a record number of mmms at your next joyous gathering. What makes this t...
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