La Pistacchiosa Spread Wins Gold!

Taste Gold sofi™ Award-winning Sicilian Pistachio Spread

on Friday, 17 July 2015. Posted in Announcements, Newsletters

Sicilian Pistachio SpreadWe're thrilled to announce that Il Colle del Gusto's Sicilian Pistachio Spread with Extra Virgin Olive Oil was awarded a Gold sofi™ Award at last month's Fancy Food Show in New York. La Pistacchiosa Spread was the only Italian product at the show to receive such a prestigious award (akin to winning an Oscar in the food industry).

A big congratulations to Anna Maria Conti and Antonio della Corte, the geniuses behind Il Colle del Gusto! We first discovered the duo at a farmer's market in Rome and fell in love with their decadent hazelnut and pistachio spreads upon first taste. Anna Maria and Antonio's Sicilian Pistachio Spread has an intensely nutty flavor, a subtle sweetness, and a rich, velvety texture from the addition of Italian extra virgin olive oil. It's no surprise that the sofi™ Award voters went nutty for it too! But don't just take our word for it, open a jar, take a taste and discover how to win gold at home.

pistachio cherry pavlova 500x5005 Ways to Win Gold with La Pistacchiosa:

  1. Drizzle over grilled nectarines & fresh ricotta.
  2. Slather over toasted bread. For an extra savory twist, top with crispy pancetta.
  3. Wow your guests with a Pistachio & Cherry Pavlova (pictured to the right).
  4. Fold into pastry cream and use as a filling for cakes, éclairs or fruit tarts.
  5. Eat it straight out of the jar (we won't tell anyone).


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sofi awards 2015
Our Market Hall Foods team celebrating with our friend Rolando Beramendi (farthest on the right, who first sourced Il Colle del Gusto spreads) and folks from Manicaretti Imports after their Gold sofi™ Award win in New York.